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One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Great War was trench warfare and some of our activities have centered on a replica in Elliston (See video below). This replica was constructed to pay tribute to those Newfoundlanders and Labradorians that fought with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during WWI, especially those from our region by the Discovery Shooting Club that has permitted us its use. The trench is an approximation of the front line trench that soldiers from all over the British Empire fought and died in. This version has been built above ground for ease of access but once inside you have the feeling of being below ground level. This reconstruction is the only known example this is also certified as a rifle range meaning real rifles with live ammunition can actually be fired from it just like they did during 1914-1918.



The public is welcome to view the trench and walk through it. While there be sure to step up on the "fire step" and peer over the parapet into what would have been "no man's land" on the battlefields of Europe. Please keep in mind this is an active shooting club if anyone is present DO NOT go forward of the trench.


If you like to experience firing a period rifle from this trench that can be arranged. Click Here for target shooting experience packages available at the Discovery Shooting Club.



For a CBC news story on this trench, History buffs bring WWI to life in Elliston, Click Here.





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