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Travelling Great War Interpretive Exhibit 



The Great War Living History Committee has a collection of artifacts comprised of authentic and reproduction pieces that tell the story of the First World War on an item by item basis. We transport this hands-on exhibit and set up at public venues in varying configurations. For instance, in an outdoor setting with ample space we can set up displays in a linear arrangement occupying up to 30’. Inside we can reconfigure or reduce the exhibit to suit the space allocated. Additionally, we can adapt it into a presentation format using artifacts as learning aids in smaller settings such as a school classroom. This WWI exhibit is available to groups, communities and schools on the Bonavista Peninsula including the Clarenville area. That said we have made exceptions participating at events off the Peninsula depending on the circumstances. Our interpretation activity is provided at no charge.


Our exhibit is presented with interpreters uniformed as Royal Newfoundland Regiment soldiers. People are welcome to pick up an item and have a closer look while we explain it. We believe it’s important to have physical contact with artifacts to help history come alive. Our collection includes pieces of kit ranging from personal items (sewing kit, toothbrush & etc.) to an almost full scale replica of a 3” Stokes Mortar used to provide fire support in the trenches. We also display a variety of medals, badges and equipment. One interesting aspect is our collection of gas masks that tell the story of gas protection as it developed during the war. Regarding weapons, we have number of deactivated examples including hand grenades, rifle, discharger cup (i.e. grenade launcher), mortar and even an artillery shrapnel shell from an 18 pounder gun.


As mentioned above our weapon artifacts are deactivated or just mock-ups.


At our exhibits the public is welcome to bring in their wartime memorabilia and share their stories. Sometimes we can even provide some additional information on their items. Artifacts from later periods are welcome as well.


Here are just a few of the items contained in our exhibit. (click to enlarge).






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