Time Capsule - Legacy of Remembrance 


The Great War Living History Committee instituted a special three-part commemoration program in 2016 to honour the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and the contribution made by our region under the heading of a “Legacy of Remembrance.”


The first part consisted of special interpretation day that was held on July 23rd, 2016 at Bonavista and Elliston (Discovery Shooting Club). Our replica trench was used to stage an “over the top” re-enactment with interpreters from our committee and the For King & Empire group. Click Here for a video of that event.


The second part involved a travelling interpretive exhibit that allows people to interact with material cultural of the Great War.


A major portion of our tribute concerned a time capsule buried near the cenotaph in Bonavista. It is the only time capsule in our area and was dedicated on July 1st, 2016 (100th anniversary of Beaumont Hamel). It contains various objects related to the war and a snapshot of 2016. This “Legacy of Remembrance” will provide a look back to how people viewed this milestone in our history. It will be opened after 25 years have passed on July 1st, 2041.


Pieces of shrapnel recovered from Beaumont Hamel have been buried during Memorial Services in 2016 at Elliston and Trinity Bay North next to cenotaphs in order to bring a piece of that battlefield closer to home.






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